More than 8,000 people lose their jobs due to the liquidation of Medimás

More than 8,000 people lose their jobs due to the liquidation of Medimás

After the order of National Superintendence of Health to liquidate the EPS Medimásapproximately 8,000 jobs were lost nationwide distributed in: the Mi IPS Boyacá Corporation, Eje Cafetero, Huila, Llanos, Nariño, Norte de Santander and Heon, according to the National Association of Human Health and Social Assistance Workers (Unitracoop), which also rejects the decision.

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Through a statement, Unitracoop pointed out that the main cause that has led to the liquidation of companies, in the hands of auditors, such as GPP Saludcoop, Esimed, Corporación Nuestra IPS, among others, has been corruption.

In addition, they point out that “The Santos and Duque governments have been silent witnesses of all the abuses and violation of the rights of 33,000 Colombians, called, by the pandemic ‘Heroes of health’, with whom the National Government has not shown any mercy”.

Finally, from the board of directors of the union, it calls on the workers of the companies immersed in the conflict generated by the liquidation of the EPS Medimás to wait for instructions on how to proceed.

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Adding, also, that they will continue denouncing the violations of their rights before the instances that are necessary, both nationally and internationally, and that they will try to achieve dignified and respectful retirement conditions for the affected people.

For its part, the National Superintendency of Health expresses, through a statement, that Medimás had been under special surveillance for four and a half years, during which time it became the most fined of the EPS in Colombia and registered the biggest loss of users.

With Medimas, there are 13 EPS settled by the current National Superintendence of Health.

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