More than 700 engineering professionals give their support to the Approval: “It is the best alternative for the future of the country”

A total of 732 professionals from different areas of engineering expressed in a letter their support for the I Approve option in view of the exit plebiscite of the proposed new Constitution, which will take place on Sunday, September 4.

In the letter, they indicated that the constitutional text “interprets us essentially” by declaring that “Chile is a social and democratic state of law, it is multinational, intercultural, regional and ecological.”

They also highlighted that, in the proposal, the country “is constituted as a solidary republic, with an inclusive and parity democracy, in which dignity, freedom, substantive equality of human beings and their rights are recognized as intrinsic and inalienable values.” indissoluble relationship with nature.

In turn, they relieved article 97 of the text. “It is the duty of the State to stimulate, promote and strengthen the development of scientific and technological research in all areas of knowledge, thus contributing to the socio-cultural enrichment of the country and the improvement of the living conditions of its inhabitants”, indicates the regulation.

“It is the best alternative for the future of the country”

In the statement, the group of engineers stressed that the constitutional text includes “the most heartfelt desires of Chilean men and women” and stressed that “the axis changes from a subsidiary State that is the essence of the 1980 Constitution that has exacerbated inequality by favoring to a minority and that would be maintained with the Rejection, towards a State where fundamental social rights and the protection of the environment are recognized and guaranteed”.

“Its description and scope generate a new vision and orientation for the development of our country, in which access to education, health and social security will be guaranteed for all, regardless of their social and economic status,” they added.

Likewise, they pointed out that they are aware that the proposal “is not perfect”, but affirmed that “improvements may be incorporated” into the text.

“We express our deep conviction to vote Approve, and we call on all the people of Chile to vote for Approve without fear, with clarity and conviction, to have a new Constitution born in democracy, modern, inclusive, balanced, humane and dignified” , they expressed.

“We believe that it is the best alternative for the future of the country, for girls and boys, for youth, for older adults, for an inclusive, equal and respectful Chile with the environment and that will allow a harmonious development of the extensive territory of the country in all its rich diversity,” they concluded in the letter.

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