Ethics Council asks for the removal of Gabriel Monteiro’s mandate

The final report of the Ethics Council of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro calls for the loss of the parliamentary mandate of councilor Gabriel Monteiro (PL). The presentation took place this Tuesday (2), after a meeting of the members, during a press conference.Ethics Council asks for the removal of Gabriel Monteiro's mandate

the rapporteur, councilor Chico Alencar (Psol), highlighted the qualities required of those who hold a parliamentary mandate, which are not in line with the behavior of Gabriel Monteiro.

“Exercising a public mandate is respect for the dignity, especially of the most vulnerable, and not a posture of manipulation, arrogance and bossiness. Having power is not abusing it, nor wearing a cloak to shelter excesses”, stressed the rapporteur.


According to the report presented, Gabriel Monteiro carried out, or ordered that they be carried out, deplorable acts that were incompatible with parliamentary decorum. Among these, the filming of a sexual act with a minor, then 15 years old. In addition, there was the vexatious exposure of children, by videos released on the councilman’s channel, supposedly in a situation of need for help.

There was also vexatious exposure and physical violence from homeless people, such as a man urged to steal the bag of a woman, in Lapa, and later repressed by the councilor’s team, including military police.

According to the report, there was also moral and sexual harassment against advisers, men and women, in his mandate. Finally, allegations of rape by four women on his team were included in the report.


As of now, a period of five working days has been opened for the defense of the accused to present closing arguments. The rapporteur’s opinion will be submitted to the Ethics Council for deliberation within five working days, being considered approved if it obtains an absolute majority of the votes of its members.

Once the process in the Council is concluded, with a favorable opinion to the representation, the process will be forwarded to the Board of Directors and included in the Agenda. The punishment is decided in an open vote in the Plenary, with the right to speak by parliamentarians and the defense during the session, decided by two thirds of the councilors (34 votes) in case of cassation or absolute majority in case of suspension.

However, even if he has been revoked as a councilor, Gabriel Monteiro could end up with impunity, including in the criminal area, as he will have to run for federal deputy, and if he is elected, the charges against him will collide with the prerogative of the forum, which could delay for years the process.

Sought, Gabriel Monteiro’s advice stated that his defense will only manifest itself after analyzing the report.

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