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More than 50 Nicaraguan migrants have lost their lives in six months in the United States

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More than 50 Nicaraguan migrants have lost their lives in six months in the United States

Luis Antonio González Dávila joined the list of Nicaraguans who have died abroad, where they arrived in search of better opportunities.

The number of migrants who have perished beyond our borders continues to rise, and so far this year there have been 54 fatalities, according to data from various international organizations.

González Dávila was shot after the assault on the house where he lived, in Memphis, United States. After the shooting, he was taken to a local hospital, but he died. The Memphis Police Department version points to four individuals as responsible for the assault, but it is unknown if there are any detainees.

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Femicides, murders, suicides, heat strokes, submersion and causes not yet clarified, are the reasons why more than 50 Nicaraguan migrants have died in the northern country to date. The information has been extracted from various sources, including: data from the Texas Nicaraguan Community (TNC) organization, reports on social networks and the media in that country.

Fatal June

Until now, the month of June is the period in which the highest number of migrants who died on North American soil is recorded, with 19. Another cause of death among migrants of Nicaraguan origin is depression.

In June, three deaths were recorded for this reason, which has set off alarm bells in the immigrant community. The caveat is that the numbers could rise in the coming months.

Many migrants have had to move from one State to another due to lack of employment.

Joaquín Mendieta traveled to the United States three months ago. He arrived in Florida, but has not found a stable job since his arrival. He was forced to move to North Carolina, where relatives were, because he was having a hard time. But many have nowhere to turn, that’s where they get sick or depressed, even making fatal decisions in some cases.

a difficult exodus

Statistics from the United States immigration office indicate that at least 217,000 Nicaraguans were detained between January 1 and December 31, 2022, at the southern border of that country. Thousands more were able to enter.

The crisis that Nicaragua has been going through since April 2018 has caused the largest exodus in its history. 9% of its population, even higher than in the 1980s, when the country raged a civil war that left tens of thousands dead, according to the report «Situation of Nicaraguans forcibly displaced»which was prepared by the Nicaragua Nunca Más Human Rights Collective.

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