Delcy Rodríguez denied that “door-to-door” services are paralyzed

Vice President Delcy Rodríguez denied in a Productive Economy Council that the “door-to-door” service carried out by couriers in the country has stopped and said she did not know where that information came from

Vice President Delcy Rodríguez denied on Thursday, July 6, that the “door-to-door” courier service had been paralyzed and asserted that the system works without any setbacks, thus avoiding the articles published in Bloomberg and As it is about.

This was stated by Rodríguez during a meeting of the Council of Productive Economy, who said he did not know where the US media got the information about these operations. However, the information in that article was not made official nor has there been a public denial.

As indicated Banking and Business, door-to-door maritime shipping services represent an approximate percentage of 30% of the commercial flow of products entering the country. He also explained that the administration of Nicolás Maduro has been applying a VAT exemption measure to imports, which is modified as national production increases to cover the country’s demand.

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The Bloomberg agency published that the Venezuelan authorities suspended until further notice maritime shipping services through couriers that are dedicated to delivering door-to-door packages because they are carrying out a series of investigations. At the moment, shipping by plane is not within that regulation.

The newspaper SuchWhich reported the day July 5th that the administration of Nicolás Maduro notified the parcel companies that new regulations will be adopted in the Venezuelan customs, for the entry of containers of commercial merchandise that arrive at the office or address. It was anticipated that one of the modifications is related to the payment of taxes.

According to sources in the customs sector, the government’s intention is to eliminate “door-to-door” commercial merchandise due to the excessive use of this mechanism. They also highlighted that the companies received a government order to stop shipments to Venezuela through courier services for products of this type, until the new regulations are adopted.

The new measures are expected to be implemented as of next Monday, July 10. This information was given by officials of the Seniat National Customs Administration to various representatives of private courier service companies.

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