More than 320 cases have been reported through the VenApp

More than 320 cases have been reported through the VenApp

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, reported this Monday that 325 cases have been reported through 1×10 System of Good Governance and the VenApp social network, of which 50% have been served

“Nearly 50% of the cases that we have received through the VenApp have already been attended to directly,” Maduro said.

From the Ayacucho Room of the Miraflores Palace, during a meeting with the National Directorate of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), the Council of Vice Presidents, governors and mayors of the country’s capital cities, the Head of State explained that of the 325 cases received 242 cases are due to water problems, 30 education cases and 53 health cases. “With the 1×10 there have been complaints about water, gas, and telecommunications problems and we are attending to them immediately.”

The Dignitary referred that in Caracas and Zulia most of the cases of failures in the water and education service were reported. Miranda is the state that received the highest number of complaints in health matters, which mostly correspond to the need to repair outpatient clinics and IDUs.

“53 health complaints have arrived, of which 11 are from Miranda state, 9 from Zulia, 4 from Aragua and 4 from Carabobo.

In this sense, the National President pointed out that the command posts are essential to resolve all problems and complaints.

Likewise, Maduro ordered that from this moment you register the 1X10 through the Homeland System. «We are going to massify the registration of the 1X10 for the new stage».

“If something achieves 1×10 of the Good Government it is that it connects us directly to the problems of the people and turns the need into a right. The 1 × 10 is the tomb of bureaucratism! », She emphasized.

A tour of the country

During the activity, President Maduro panned through various states of the country where some complaints were made through the 1X10 Good Government System.

In Bolívar state, 56 families from the Rafael Urdaneta sector were benefited with a 50kva transformer, after making their complaint through the VenApp social network.

In Guárico, the Luis Mariano Lugo Community has water service in their homes.

In Caracas, four water bottles were repaired on 14th Street in the Jardines de El Valle «Quick and efficient response!».

In the state of Apure, the request of the El Recreo community of San Fernando de Apure was met in record time.

Finally, the Head of State ordered the reactivation of the technical tables for water. “What is coming here is a government of the people and for the people, revolutionizing everything, putting an end to bureaucratism and indolence,” he stressed.

The plan 1×10 of the Good Government consists of six strategic lines of action:

  • Advance and consolidate the comprehensive economic recovery of the country, strengthening the productive engines to achieve the stability of the fundamental economic markers.
  • Guarantee plans for human development rewarding for the social protection of the people.
  • Ensure the right to the environment, to the city and to public services.
  • Guarantee and promote the participation of Popular Power for Good Government.
  • Defend National Sovereignty, National Integrity, Peace and strengthen the role of Venezuela in the new world geopolitics.
  • Consolidate a new Justice System.

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