More than 23,000 troops will guard the elections in the southwest of the country

More than 23,000 troops will guard the elections in the southwest of the country


At the end of the advance electoral regional security council for the departments of Nariño, Cauca and Valle del Cauca, in the city of Pasto, the Minister of the Interior announced the measures that the Government will implement to guarantee security and transparency in the presidential elections on May 29 in the region.

“There are more than 23,000 men who are in operations, because here that is another message that we want to make clear, and that is that the offensive attitude of the Government against and of our public force, against criminal organizations, against armed groups organized, of criminal organizations, remains. And the personnel who are willing to secure polling stations in no way affect the protection of critical infrastructure or operations against these groups.” explained the holder of the portfolio of the Interior, Daniel Palacios.

On Wednesday, May 25, a National Unified Command Post (PMU) will be held, to review the situation of the winter emergency and make decisions on the movement or transfer of polling stations in Colombian territory.

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In addition, Logistical accompaniment will be carried out for the arrival of electoral material and the Public Force will be available according to the requirements that may be requested in the regions.

The minister explained that local and regional leaders were asked to prioritize actions to prevent possible acts of violence during and after election day.

“That is why we have been asking all local leaders to make a great effort to promote non-violence and promote respect for the electoral result. This is something that is essential to avoid any issue that may arise after the polls close,” said the senior official.

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Finally, the head of the political portfolio stated that “the commitment of the national government is absolute to guarantee that on Sunday a democratic party can be held and that all citizens can exercise the right to vote and that this is the result. the one that determines the winners of the presidential process.”

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