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More than 155 thousand Cubans have arrived in the US through the border since October 2021

MIAMI, United States. — More than 155,000 Cubans have arrived in the US through the border with Mexico so far this fiscal year, according to official figures of the Office of Customs and Border Protection of the United States (CBP, for its acronym in English).

In total, there have been 155,555 nationals of the Caribbean island who have arrived at the border since October 2021, a migratory flow that skyrocketed after the Nicaraguan regime decreed the free entry of Cubans to that country.

The latest figures recorded by the CBP are from last June, when 16,710 migrants from the island arrived in the US through the border.

The current exodus of Cubans bound for the United States exceeded for several months the Mariel migration crisis (1980). On that occasion, some 120,000 citizens of the Island headed for the northern country by sea.

The arrival of Cubans across the border peaked last April, when 34,838 migrants arrived in US territory. Since then, the figures have been progressively decreasing, with 25,629 people in May and another 16,710 in June.

Graph of Cubans who have arrived in the US by border since October 2021 (Screenshot/cvp.gov)

The United States Customs and Border Protection Office indicates that of the 155,555 migrants who have arrived at the country’s southern border, 120,421 are adults who arrived alone, while another 34,599 did so accompanied by at least one family member.

So far this fiscal year, more than 3,500 Cubans have also tried to reach the United States by sea, however, the vast majority of them have been returned to the island.

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