More inconsistencies in the advisory version of the Minister of Health

More inconsistencies in the advisory version of the Minister of Health

When Peru21 consulted William Córdova, new adviser to the Minister of Health about why no vaccine was registered in the padrón del he indicated that he had been “vaccinated” abroad without specifying the country or the date.

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This newspaper had access to the veterinary doctor’s immigration record and verified that his last trip outside Peru was in 2021. According to his movement, Córdova was in Mexico from the March 7 to May 2. This information weakens the version of him with which he tried to justify why his vaccinations are not registered.

More inconsistencies in Condori’s adviser version that does not have registered vaccines

Although foreigners were vaccinated in Mexico on those dates, this depended on the established age schedule.

According to Córdova’s age, who was 46 at the time, . However, the veterinarian left Mexican lands long before.

In addition, Córdova also lied to this newspaper, assuring on the last Sunday that he had just arrived in Peru. “I’m just arriving in the country”He said.


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