Moquegua: Dariela Mamani Flores is Miss Cuchumbaya 2022

Moquegua: Dariela Mamani Flores is Miss Cuchumbaya 2022

Medaly Dariela Mamani Flores, 16 years old, is the brand new Miss Cuchumbaya 2022. She is from the town of Sacuaya and was elected as part of the 78th anniversary of the political creation of the district of , Mariscal Nieto province, Moquegua region.

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The young women Karina Yucra Ventura participated in the beauty pageant; Yuliana Checalla Ventura; Nayeli Mamani Cuayla and Dariela Mamani Flores, who demonstrated their artistic skills, gala and their knowledge of the cultural wealth of the district.

With her naturalness, Dariela Mamani prevailed over other participants. (Photo: Diffusion)

Restrict anniversary activities

This Monday the 31st marks the central date of the anniversary of the district, but the crime prevention prosecutor Manuel Bernedo Danz urged the municipality to comply with the sanitary measures.

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In this sense, Mayor Armando Romero decided to restrict the development of some activities. The agricultural fair will take place this Sunday the 30th under a biosafety protocol. The district was created by Law 9940 of the of 1944, in the government of .

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