MOP will invest $73.1 million to repair streets in the city

The Ministry of Public Works (MOP) published the specifications that will be used to tender the rehabilitation contracts of 65 thousand 29 kilometers within the province of Panama.

The total price of the works has been estimated at $73.1 million, but the MOP divided the work into 4 groups and provided within the specifications that a contractor can be awarded up to a maximum of 2 groups.

The first group includes the districts of Ancón and Alcalde Díaz at an estimated cost of 16.6 million dollars. The second will be carried out in the districts of Bella Vista and San Francisco for 13.5 million dollars.

The third contract has been estimated at 25.9 million dollars and includes repairs in the districts of Parque Lefevre, Juan Díaz, Tocumen, Pedregal and Mañanitas, while the last contract covers Calidonia and Santa Ana for 17 million dollars.

The MOP minister, Rafael Sabonge, indicated that via Israel, Eusebio A Morales, Balboa Avenue, Federico Boyd, José A. Arango, José Domingo Díaz, will be some of the sectors that will be intervened. Critical flooding points such as Parque Urracá, San Cristóbal and Vía España are also covered.

These contracts are part of the package of projects that the Government will tender under the ‘turnkey’ scheme, where the contractors must provide the funds to carry out the work and then the State cancels the debt upon receiving the projects to satisfaction.

In total, the MOP plans to tender 25 ‘turnkey’ projects with an estimated investment of 1.16 billion dollars, but everything will depend on the offers received from the contractors.

To date, 16 turnkey contracts have been awarded, for an amount of 598.8 million dollars. The rest of the projects are already in the bidding stage and according to the MOP minister, the rehabilitation works in the capital city will be the last within the package of 25 scheduled projects that will be tendered with financing included.

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