Injured and more than four arrested leaves second day of protests in Huancavelica

Injured and more than four arrested leaves second day of protests in Huancavelica

On the second day of the protest, the march intensified with the presence of a greater number of people and the “frictions” that occurred between the protesters and the police officers, several were injured and more than four were arrested.

Second day of protest.

Among the requests made by the demonstrators in the march was the change of the current political Constitution of Peru.


It was after 08:00 hours when the population began to protest at different points in the city of Huancavelica.

One of the actions of the police officers occurred near the Huancavelica Food Market. The confrontation between demonstrators and police ended with the withdrawal of people towards the Ascension district.

Another event occurred in the vicinity of Andrés Avelino Cáceres Avenue, in the Yananaco neighborhood. As a result, four protesters ended up injured.

On this, Wilfredo Hilario, (secretary of the Regional Defense Front of Huancavelica) stated that the Prosecutor’s Office and the Ombudsman’s Office should intervene because the rights of the detained protesters would be violated.

“They have been demonstrating peacefully near Andrés Avelino Cáceres. The detainees are Daniel Huamán Condori, Lorenzo Huamán Peralta, Alfredo Antonio de la Cruz Crispín and Roger Avendaño Rojas, they are members of the Civil Construction union who were participating in the peaceful demonstration,” Hilario said.

“We are not only asking for today’s detainees, but also for those detained on the first day of protest,” he added.

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Apart from the request to lower the price of basic necessities, the neighbors also asked for a change in the Constitution.

Among them, the regional councilor of Huancavelica, Teobaldo Quispe Guillen, who stated that he participated in the demonstration as a citizen.

“In the history of the economy, the 1993 Constitution is oriented towards monopolization, towards a neoliberal market, and as long as there is no change in the constitution, nothing will be able to be done. The mobilizations are a product of this and it is time for a change,” said the regional councilor.

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It should be noted that during the confrontations, which were few, several demonstrators were injured.

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