Monumento a los Héroes 30 de Mayo a punto de colapsar

Monument to the Heroes May 30 about to collapse

Santo Domingo.-The monument to the Heroes of May 30will be restored to preserve the historical memory of the men who eliminated the dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujilloinformed this Monday the director of Patria Ephemerides, Juan Pablo Uribe.

He admitted that the work of the audit of the painter Silvano Lora is deteriorated and in very bad condition, to the extent that in the activity that was held today in the place on the occasion of the 61st anniversary of the tyrant’s execution, municipal police prevented visitors from approach the monument, because a person who claims to have the copyright is demanding eight million pesos from the National District council to allow the work to be restored.

Uribe said that Efemérides Patria is not part of the case, “because we do not have a budget to rebuild works and if they did, we would have already started the work,” because the monument is transcendental since it symbolizes the action of a group of men who put end to a 31-year dictatorship.

In the same act held at the Monument to the Heroes of May 30, on the May 30 highway where on a day like today at 9:45 at night, on May 30, 1961, a group of men executed Rafael Leonidas Trujillo.

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Manuel Tomás Tejada González, president of the Fundación Héroes 30 de Mayo, said that the physical elimination of Trujillo opened the doors for the Dominican Republic to begin to walk the path of freedom.

Highlighting the courage of Antonio García, Mario de la Maza, Manuel de Ovin Filpo, Luis Manuel Cáceres Michel, Juan Tomás Díaz, Luis Amiama Tió, Miguel Ángel Báez Díaz, Ernesto de la Maza, Roberto Pastoriza, Huáscar Tejada, Salvador Estrella Sadhala, Antonio de la Maza, Amado García Guerrero, Pedro Livio Cedeño and Antonio Imber Barrera.

Act for the 61st anniversary of the execution of Trujillo

While the director of the Dominican Resistance Memorial Museum, Luisa de Peña, considered that the regime that tyrannically ruled the Dominican Republic from the February 1930 coup d’état until the flight of President Joaquín Balaguer in March 1962 was an authoritarian dictatorship with totalitarian traits, despite being opposed.

“Directed by a rustler, sexual aggressor, murderer and thief named Rafael Trujillo. That he ended his days in the most courageous action executed by a group of men at 9:45 p.m. on a Tuesday, May 30, 1961 », he said.

He said that the executioners succeeded in a task that others tried for 31 years and did not achieve victory, but they obtained the eternal gratitude of the Dominican people.

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