Increase: how much gasoline and diesel would cost

Gasoline exceeded 80 pesos

According to the so-called “import parity price”, established in the LUC, the price of fuel varies almost every month. As of this June 1, super gasoline will cost 80.88, which in fact means 81 pesos, and diesel 64.99, or 65 pesos in round values.

The price of fuel continues to move away from the values ​​of Argentina, which is what complicates the Uruguayan stationers on the coast, when here gasoline costs almost two dollars in the neighboring country it is at 0.986 dollars (practically 1 dollar).

No increase was applied to supergas, the 13-kilo bottle will continue to cost 823.55, the kilo remains at 63.35 pesos. And those who have social plans from the Ministry of Social Development (Mides) will continue to pay half the price.

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