Montaño denounces that workers who went to Naabol suffer harassment and threats

Montaño denounces that workers who went to Naabol suffer harassment and threats

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The Minister of Public Works, Services and Housing, Édgar Montaño, reported this Sunday that some former employees of the Administration of Airports and Auxiliary Services to Air Navigation (Aasana) in Santa Cruz were subjected to harassment and threats after their transfer to the new company Bolivian Air Navigation and Airports (Naabol). The authority announced that a formal complaint will be filed with the Public Ministry.

“In Santa Cruz there was a plot so that the contingency plan could not work. That is why I reserve the right to give the names of 24 brothers who are going to sign their contracts today, “said the minister, after announcing that 318 Naabol labor contracts were signed for former employees of the defunct entity.

“They have felt harassment, they have been persecuted and they have been threatened, this is already known to the corresponding Public Ministry. What we are going to do is formalize the complaints, because no one can restrict the right to free work,” he added.

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On Wednesday of last week, the Government created Naabol, by supreme decree, in order to replace Aasana. This in the midst of hunger strikes and several protests by the workers of the eliminated entity.

The authorities of the area indicated that the economic situation of the former airport administrator was unsustainable. They indicated that it only generated losses for the State, for which they created a liquidation unit that has 182 million bolivianos to pay the social benefits of former workers.

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