Monsignor Álvarez: "Money is distorted when it is an instrument of avarice and greed"

Monsignor Álvarez: “Money is distorted when it is an instrument of avarice and greed”

Monsignor Rolando Álvarez expressed during his homily this Sunday, July 31, from the San Pedro Apóstol Cathedral Church in Matagalpa, that “money in itself is good, and it could become bad depending on the handling and use that we can make of it. to give”.

“Money is distorted when it is an instrument of avarice and greed, in which it is sought how to hoard more and more at all costs, even going so far as to trample on the human dignity of the person,” said the bishop of the Diocese of Matagalpa .

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He stressed that greed is “a kind of Machiavellian logic, in which the end justifies the means, and if the end is to abound in money, accumulate and monopolize more and more money and material goods regardless of the cost, in which also in other Sometimes we see how, with an insensitivity of conscience, the forests and our beautiful mountains that still remain to us as a gift of God’s creation are cleared”.

«Human life is threatened, the oxygen that makes us live is threatened. A Machiavellianism is definitely discovered there, “emphasized the priest.

Holy Sunday Mass of the XVIII Oridnary Time

Holy #Mass from the #Cathedral San Pedro Apostol, Matagalpa presided over by Monsignor Rolando José Alvarez Lagos, Bishop of the Diocese of #Matagalpa and Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of #Estelí. XVIII Ordinary Sunday #July 31, 2022.#DiocesisMedia #TVMerced

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Alluding to the political crisis that Nicaragua is experiencing at the hands of the Ortega regime, Álvarez pointed out that “money is distorted when it is used for blackmail, for coercion, for the purchase of conscience. Money is distorted when it is used for embezzlement, corruption, disorder.

Indicates exploitation to the worker

Regarding the labor exploitation that has been denounced on many occasions in Nicaragua, the Catholic leader stated that “money is distorted when it is obtained at the expense of the work of the worker, the peasant, the technician, the professional; when fair wages are not paid or social benefits are provided, when subterfuges or deceptive mechanisms are used to not fairly remunerate the worker; then money becomes an instrument of idolatry».

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On the other hand —said the priest— “when money is used to live with dignity and to share with the poorest, with the most needy; when money is used for charity, for mercy with others, with the sick, with those deprived of liberty, with orphans, widows, with children on the street, with the family that is hungry, thirsty for education for their children, they need medicine so as not to die, then —money— becomes an instrument of salvation».

Call to help those most in need

He also called on Nicaraguans to move away from money that is a cause of division. “How many times money is the cause of quarrels, of divisions between brothers, with the same parents (…) That is when material goods are the cause of division and therefore of evil.”

“Let us ask the Lord to keep us from falling into these temptations. Avoid all kinds of greed because the life of man does not depend on the goods he possesses », he exhorted.

Monsignor Rolando Álvarez: «Evil is defeated by the force of good». Photo: Article 66 / Middle Diocese

Monsignor Álvarez emphasized that in a society as poor as Nicaragua, one cannot think of accumulating goods “when there are so many who do not have what to eat, what to wear, who wander the streets, who do not have to pay for a doctor or buy their medicines. ».

«Let’s get out of ourselves, do good, share, provide professional services in an accessible, honest and fair way. Let’s trade without taking advantage of need or hunger, let’s promote solidarity among one another and then we will really see God », he concluded.

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