Monkeypox: MSP ruled out the disease in two of the three suspected cases

The Ministry of Public Health (MSP) issued a statement this Sunday in which it reported that the studies carried out on two of the three suspected cases of monkeypox tested negative.

“We inform that the preliminary results of two of the three samples taken from people with symptoms related to monkeypox or monkey pox were negative. In the next few days, the genomic sequencing of the samples will be carried out at the Pasteur Institute,” the ministry announced through from Twitter.

Since last Wednesday, the ministry has been studying the epidemiological situation of four people with symptoms similar to monkeypox, who had traveled to Uruguay from countries that have already reported cases. One of them had previously been ruled out when confirmed as a case of dengue, while the rest will continue to be investigated.

“In the next few days, the genomic sequencing of the samples will be carried out at the Institut Pasteur in Montevideo,” the MSP stated.

“It is important to mention that people continue to evolve favorably. The Ministry of Public Health continues to work on monitoring the situation,” he added.

Until now, 27 countries announced the detection of the virus, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Among them are Brazil and Argentina.

“In this context, the exhortation to the population and health professionals to follow the following recommendations is reiterated: immediate consultation in case of skin rash with fever or feverish sensation, especially people who have traveled in the last 21 days and immediate notification to the System of Health Surveillance in the event of any suspected case of monkeypox or febrile eruptive illness of unexplained cause (telephone 1934 ext. 4010)”, indicated the statement from the secretariat.

This virus began to worry the world in early May when outbreaks began to be detected in states where there was no monkeypox; mainly in European countries, but also in the United States, Australia and Canada. However, in recent weeks cases had already been detected in Latin America.

The infectologist Eduardo Savio said on May 23 that the monkeypox outbreak “is very striking”; but before the comparisons with covid and the fear that the situation of recent years will be repeated, Salvio expressed calm.

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