President Abinader highlights an increase in the budget for social aid in favor of the low-income population

Abinader attributes acts of violence in the DR to drug trafficking

SANTIAGO. President Luis Abinader assured yesterday that most of the acts of violence that occurred on Friday were reactions caused by drug traffickers, in retaliation for the amount of drugs seized in the almost two years of his administration.

The nation’s chief executive stressed that these recent acts of vandalism are not isolated events and that “it is good that the population knows that from 2004 to 2020 some 61 tons of drugs were seized and in just 20 months we have seized that same amount and that is causing a situation.

Abinader took advantage of a conversation he had with journalists from this city to insist that he has a firm decision to fight crime in all its manifestations.

“We have added some 1,600 people from the Armed Forces and we will continue to increase until we bring, whatever the cost, peace and tranquility throughout the country,” he said.

He maintained that the persecution of the drug business that is being carried out at the moment makes a great difference with the past. “That is the difference and, obviously, that is causing actions that we are going to face wherever and however.”

The president guaranteed that there will be no agreement with the narco, that there will be no “mafia peace”, to tell the criminals “be calm, take me the best thing”.

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“No, here no. This is going to end here, as we have faced administrative corruption”, said the president emphatically. Abinader.

On the bloody events that occurred on Friday, he specified that in many of them the investigations are advancing. “They have to do with drug trafficking and we have full collaboration with international organizations that are supporting us.”

As “tail blows” he defined those reactions of the drug traffickers, “because of the blows we have given them and that we will continue to give them, because we are fighting drug trafficking at a high level and now at a low level.”

Abinader reported that, as a result of these seizures, the price of drugs has almost doubled, “creating distortion and most of the cases from yesterday (Friday) have a lot to do with that.”

“Let them know that our decision is firm, totally firm. Here there is no fear of anyone, in any way or form, “he said, while guaranteeing that, in a matter of months” we will bring them all to justice and that there is no doubt.

On the second day of his presence for three days in the province of Santiago, at mid-morning the President attended a science and technology fair, held at the La Esperanza Polytechnic.

After that activity, he moved to the sports center in the Los Jazmines neighborhood, in the southern part of this city, where he led a day of affiliation to the National Health Insurance (SeNaSa).

Abinader attributes acts of violence in DR 2 to drug trafficking

Later, he was at the opening of an act of the General Directorate of Strategic and Special Projects of the Presidency, in the Beijing neighborhood and supervised the paving program that is being carried out in that sector.

After noon, he held a meeting with 400 community youth, entrepreneurs, athletes and civil society, at the Utesa Convention Center.

Later, President Abinader led the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of three projects, including a sewage collector, which will impact 18 neighborhoods in Cienfuegos.

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