Patrullaje mixto se siente en el sector Capotillo

Mixed patrolling is felt in the Capotillo sector

Through a video that reached our newsroom, a group of police and military agents can be seen combing the Capotillo sector on 42nd Street, regarding the Government’s willingness to counteract the levels of crime that affect citizens.

“Bobo bobo bobo”, is the expression emitted by the citizen who is recording the audiovisual, where more than 20 uniformed agents with caps and hoods can be seen going down one of the streets in the Capotillo sector.


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Government spokesman Homero Figueroa said that the mixed police and military patrol established by mandate of the president is part of a plan to deal with the rise in criminal acts that are frequently reproduced.

The president assured that his Government will have all the resources that are necessary to guarantee peace and tranquility in the Dominican Republic.

“We are not going to conclude until peace is brought to each sector, each neighborhood and each house,” he claimed.

At the same time, he stated that work continues with the police reform.

“What I am not going to accept in this country, as I said yesterday, is a mafia peace. We have dealt the hardest blows to drug trafficking that have ever been dealt, and now we are going to face micro-trafficking”, he warned.

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