Mixed feelings: Hassam ended his 18-year marriage but also saw his dad again after 19

Mixed feelings: Hassam ended his 18-year marriage but also saw his dad again after 19

Gerly Hassam and his ex-wife Tatiana.

The comedian reconciled with his father but also ended their romantic relationship.

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“After 18 years of living together, we have decided to end our relationship,” said Bogotá humorist Gerly Hassam Gómez, who said his marriage to Tatiana Orozco came to an end.

Mixed feelings: Hassam ended his 18-year marriage but also saw his dad again after 19
Hassam and Tatiana Orozco.

They were 18 years married. Fruit of that love, the comedian had two daughters.

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According to the former “Happy Saturdays”, multiple factors triggered the culmination of their relationship. Apparently, an infidelity would have been the trigger for this break for which Hassam has asked for caution.

“She was bored, there were infidelity problems, I mistreated her and I was rude,” the Bogota native revealed.

On how he feels after moving away from his sentimental partner, the humorist stated that he has gone through “hard and very difficult days.”

On the other hand, Hassam asked his followers to be careful when making judgments since both he and she have received many messages (criticism and questioning).

“It’s not cool that they write things to him because it’s a decision we make,” he stressed in a video uploaded to his Instagram account.

In the following video you can hear the comedian’s statements:

reconciled with his father

Hassam is currently experiencing mixed feelings since leaving aside the negative of his breakup, the artist managed to reconcile with his father after 19 years of “not speaking”.

Through a post and a photo on his Instagram profile, the comedian introduced his father:

“I met him when I was 17 years old, my mother told me all her romance story, I grew up with the idea that my father was a kind of super hero who had managed to conquer Lucía’s love,” he recalled.

«I saw him three more times and over there 19 years ago when I told him that he was going to be a grandfather was the last time we spoke. I always believed that he had already forgiven him for not being present, maybe it was not a genuine forgiveness, “he added.

Hassam hinted that this reconciliation arose after hearing a sermon:

«Yesterday I listened to @dantegebeloficial in one of his sermons entitled: “remember to forget” and today by simple chance I had the opportunity to hug him, look him in the eye and without rancor, without resentment but above all understanding that we are the product of our decisions I was able to put my heart at peace,” he said.

He then reflected on what it’s like to be away from a loved one for whatever reason:

“Many times pride or prejudice prevents us from sending a message, answering a call, accepting a pardon, without knowing that it could be the last time and that those decisions can change our destiny. I present to you my dad », he concluded in his message.

His followers have been happy about this decision and assure that in one way or another, it helps him “balance emotional burdens”.

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