Mirtha Vásquez: Evaluation of ministers does not necessarily end before the investiture vote

Mirtha Vásquez: Evaluation of ministers does not necessarily end before the investiture vote

The president of the Minister council (PCM), Mirtha Vasquez, and other portfolio holders gave a press conference from the city of Cusco. During her speech, the head of the PCM referred to the evaluation of some members that make up his cabinet. She said that after this process, the public will be informed if there is a need for changes.

“I would like you to understand that topic. I take with great responsibility the concerns that have been presented by the congressmen and the population in general. We are evaluating them, but the evaluation does not necessarily have to end before the investiture vote”, Expressed Vásquez.

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The former president of Congress He also said that at the moment there would be no changes in the ministries. “We are trying to advance as much as possible, but when we finish we will report what are the measures that the Government implements in terms of rebuilding a cabinet or if there is a need to change any other portfolio,” he added.

In addition, the Prime Minister spoke on the issue of confidence vote and he pointed out that this should have as its main nucleus the State policy of the current Administration, for which he considered that based on that the debate in Parliament should turn.

“I know that there are absolutely legitimate concerns regarding those who represent certain portfolios, they have sent us some concerns, some matters that Congress is observing regarding representation,” said Vásquez Chuquilín.

To conclude, he stated that the evaluations of his ministers “have specific times” and they formally received the portfolios of the previous managers only a few days ago.

“It has to do with that, with the formal transfer when portfolios enter to be formally assumed by us. There we can actually specify several things, including evaluation processes, “he clarified.

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