Minute by Minute | Central beats Newell’s in a fought Rosario classic

Facundo Buonanotte left due to injury after a crash Photo TW RosarioCentral
Facundo Buonanotte left due to injury after a crash / Photo: TW @RosarioCentral

31′ Yellow card for Pablo Pérez, fifth booked at Newells.

29′ Franco Frías (CEN) connects with a header in the area, but without complications for goalkeeper Herrera (NOB) to control it.

25′ The referee shows the yellow card to Willer Ditta, after a strong foul on Franco Frías.

24′ Replacement at Newell’s: Genaro Rossi enters for Julián Fernández.

23′ The Colombian Willer Ditta almost had him in the area and could not make the goal for Newell’s

22′ Tévez continues to move chips to endure the result: Francis Mac Allister enters, Walter Montoya retires (injured).

twenty’ Change in Rosario Central: Marcelo Benítez enters, Juan Gabriel Rodríguez leaves.

twenty’ Change in Rosario Central: Jhonatan Candia withdraws from the party, Franco Frías enters.

  El Canalla wins 1-0 at the end of the first half Photo TW RosarioCentral
“Canalla” wins 1-0 at the end of the first half / Photo: TW @RosarioCentral

17′ Infantino seeks to unbalance Newell’s defense, escapes to the right but cannot complete the cross into the area.

12′ Juan Manuel García (CEN) looks for the rebound and fouls Gaspar Servio.

eleven’ Ramiro Sordo (NOB) overflows from the left, puts the center into the heart of the “Canalla” area but Servio controls the ball and avoids the goal danger.

9′ Corner kick for Central: Jhonatan Candia puts the ball in the area but the visiting defense clears the side.

4′ Violation of Jhonatan Candia to Víctor Velázquez. Free throw for Newell’s

3′ Newell’s looks for the tie: Pablo Pérez tries to connect in the area with Ramiro Sordo but the goalkeeper Gaspar Servio cuts in time.

two’ Central almost scored the second: Alejo Veliz again, who had his chance in the small area but goalkeeper Franco Herrera kept the ball.

1′ Uruguayan defender Armando Méndez at Newell’s.

Start of the second half.

Photo TW RosarioCentral
Photo: TW @RosarioCentral

End of the first half. Rosario Central wins the classic 1-0 against Newells.

48′ Jhonatan Candia (CEM) commits a foul on Víctor Velázquez (NOB).

43′ Goal by Central. Alejo Véliz defines the angle with a header after a center by Jhonatan Candia.

42′ Second cautioned for Newell’s: the referee shows a yellow card to Juan Sforza.

39′ Walter Montoya (CEN) escapes from the far right, but the center ends up in the hands of goalkeeper Franco Herrera (NOB).

37′ The game is still congested in the middle: foul by Pérez (NOB) to Mateo Tanlongo (CEN).

35′ Free kick for Central: center to the area cleared by the visiting defense.

33′ Cristian Lema (NOB) receives a yellow card for a foul on Alejo Veliz.

31′ Game stuck in the middle of the field: Javier Báez commits an infraction against Juan Manuel García

29′ Armando Méndez touched the ball with his hand. Free kick for Central.

26′ Gino Infantino (Center) is sanctioned with a yellow card after a foul on Ramiro Sordo.

24′ Change in Central: Gino Infantino enters, Facundo Buonanotte leaves the field of play, injured after a clash in the area.

22′ The “Leprosy” dominates in attack. Now it is the red and black striker Juan Manuel García who shoots at the goal, and the shot goes wide.

twenty’ Newsell’s continues to look for the advantage: Cristian Lema kicks on goal, but Gaspar Servio avoids the goal for Central.

17′ Central can not reach the rival area. Buonanotte looks for Candia but the pass goes down the side.

14′ Pablo Pérez almost got the goal for Newell’s. Ramiro Sordo overflowed from the left to the bottom line, threw the center back so that Pérez had the goal at the door of the area with the defeated goalkeeper, but he burst the shot on the post.

8′ Juan Sforza shoots on goal, but Gaspar Servio keeps the ball.

7′ Cortez clears and there is a corner for Newell’s. It is executed by Francisco González,

1′ Violation of Julián Fernández to Alejo Veliz. Free kick for Central.

Start of the match: Central and Newell´s meet in the classic that paralyzes Rosario

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