Lara educators denounce scam with glasses discounted by payroll

Clear and sightless. Apparently that’s how the approximately 1,200 Lara educators who paid for glasses that have not been delivered, according to testimonies, remained.

It all started last February with a day to attract clients promoted by representatives of the Lara Educational Zone in the Morán municipality (El Tocuyo).

In those days many educators subscribed and requested glasses for themselves and family members. Since that February they began to deduct between 3 and 5 dollars for payroll. Some paid in cash.

The promise was to deliver the glasses in 15 days. But to date no one has received the product, according to what was reported and documented in invoices sent to the editor.

The Moran municipality has more than 120 educational institutions and in all of them the recruitment sessions were held with ophthalmology technicians.

The glasses were priced at $45 and $25 in cash.

Seeing that the fully canceled glasses did not arrive, the workers began to call the bidding company and they were told that no optics were working there. “This is a funeral home,” they answered the phone when teachers, secretaries, workers and food processing mothers called asking about their glasses.

Some affected have gone to the offices of the School Municipality (representatives of the Ministry of Education) and have not received an answer.

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