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Mintransporte denies suggesting cost reduction in airlines

Mintransporte denies suggesting cost reduction in airlines

As a result of the tax reform, 2023 begins with a significant increase in air tickets. Between a 30% to 40% could increase airfare costs from the first of January.

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From the Government it has been explained that the 19% VAT will return for plane tickets, after for two years it will drop to 5% in order to contribute to the reactivation of the tourism sector after the arrival of covid-19.

Faced with the debate that generated this increase, which still does not include the impact of inflation, the Minister of Transportation, Guillermo Reyes, assured that some of the measures that are going to check from the Government are the air ticket rates “to bring them back to a lower rate through the law of the National Development Plan.”

Likewise, the head of portfolio said that when speaking with the airlines it was found that a way to not impact ticket costs It is lowering the operating costs. This through the reduction of personnel, equipment at airports and others.

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However, that is not a recommendation from the Ministry of Transportation, according to Reyes. “Our task is that as of January 2, meet with the airlines, Anato and examine alternatives that we can adopt as a government policy in concert with all sectors so as not to impact the pocket of Colombians.s,” he pointed out.

His goal, finally, is to lower fares as much as possible without affecting air operations.


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