MINSA inspects situation in Cerro Patacón

In view of the new fire registered, yesterday Sunday in a recycling depot in Cerro Patacón, the public health team of the Metropolitan region of the Ministry of Health, is conducting inspections in the area to verify that the smoke found in the environment does not affect the population surrounding the landfill.

“There were several attempts at fires that were verified in Cerro Patacón reported by Lieutenant Colonel Ángel Delgado of the Meritorious Fire Department of Panama, who stressed that it has already been controlled, but nevertheless the smoke that emanates is distributed to other sides by the direction of the wind”, expressed Israel Cedeño, regional director of health.

Cedeño was emphatic and stressed that up to now no patients have been treated for respiratory problems, however, he added that instructions have been issued to the staff at the Kuna Nega health center, which provides care only on Mondays and Thursdays, so that they are We are ready to attend to any person affected by smoke inhalation and thus provide them with the immediate and necessary attention.

Given this, the Ministry of Health (MINSA) recommends to the population that to mitigate the effect of the smoke emanated, it is important to use a mask, if the smoke is very strong, towels soaked with water. If you have respiratory problems, go to the nearest health facility to receive medical attention and if the smoke is very dense, it is recommended that people leave the area and relocate to remote areas with their families while the situation is under control.

“For three months, the intersectoral commission made up of MINSA, MiAmbiente, the Sanitation Authority (AAUD) and the Executive has been working in an integrated manner to prepare the technical sheet and the criteria for when the bidding is made, the company that wins knows that The management and management that must be done with the garbage is integral, it is not just picking it up and throwing it aside, it is collecting it, treating it, managing it and taking advantage of it, the Technological University of Panama (UTP) also adds ”, added Cedeño.

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