Minsa establishes the use of medication to prevent HIV

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported that it has established the use of the antiretroviral drug Tenofivir/emtricitabine at the El Chorrillo Health Center, a strategy developed to combat and prevent HIV infection.

This medicine, taken properly and under medical prescription, prevents the spread of HIV and the Ministry of Health seeks to expand its use in populations at risk nationwide.

“When used systematically, this method reduces the risk of contracting HIV infection during sexual intercourse by more than 90%,” said Lissette Raquel Chang, head of the STI/HIV/AIDS section of the Ministry of Health.

He indicated that, since October 2021, support has been provided in the training of clinical staff for the management of this drug, including the validation and approval of collection tools and systems, as well as educational material for users.

He reported that pre-exposure prophylaxis with these drugs is used in people who are at risk of HIV infection to prevent contracting it through sex or injection drug use.

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