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Minsa eliminates vaccine card and covid tests as entry requirements to Nicaragua

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Minsa eliminates vaccine card and covid tests as entry requirements to Nicaragua

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported this Saturday, July 22, that it has eliminated the requirement to present a negative Covid-19 test and the vaccination card to enter the country, both for nationals and foreigners.

Through ministerial resolution 360-2023, the head of the Minsa, Martha Reyes, indicated that “in accordance with the international and national epidemiological situation of Covid-19 and the immunization levels achieved, it has been decided to make modifications to the entry requirements to the country as part of international health control.”

“Taking into consideration the declaration provided by the WHO, in relation to Covid-19, since it no longer constitutes an emergency situation at the international level and in order to strengthen national epidemiological control, it has been established to reform Ministerial Resolution number 136-2023, dated March 17, 2023, referring to diseases under international surveillance, including respiratory diseases at all points of entry into the country,” said the Minister of Minsa.

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In this sense, the health entity announced that it eliminated the requirements that correspond to presenting the vaccination card against covid-19 or a negative RT-PCR result for coronavirus to travelers entering the country, whether national or foreign.

Ortega regime eliminates the COVID-19 test and presenting a vaccination card against the disease as an essential requirement to enter Nicaragua

The health minister also stressed that it is important that “it be ratified that as of the date the requirements that were established to enter the country included presenting the vaccination card from the age of 3, in the case of children, or if we were not vaccinated, presenting the negative PCR test, they are no longer necessary and any person who enters the country does not need to present any requirement related to Covid-19, but it is also important to make it known that the yellow fever requirements are maintained.”

During the pandemic, the Minsa was questioned and evidenced by national and international health, human rights and political organizations about the inappropriate management carried out by the country’s health authorities at the highest peaks of coronavirus contagion.

In addition, the same population denounced that the doctors altered the epicrisis of their deceased relatives, despite having remained in the ward for patients with Covid-19 during their agony, in the official records of the file it was recorded that they died from pneumonia or another respiratory disease, but the coronavirus is not mentioned as the cause of death. In this way, the Minsa would be covering up the cases of citizens who died due to this disease in their official records.

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