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Minsa adopts preventive measures to deal with monkeypox

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) met with national and regional health directors in order to align strategies and adopt preventive measures related to the possible arrival of monkeypox or monkeypox in the country.

Yelkis Gill, director of Health Provision, said that among the points discussed is the comprehensive approach that is provided to the patient if it is detected positive, the effective communication that must be executed within the regions and the reinforcement at the entry points. .

“This is a coordination meeting that must be carried out before an epidemiological surveillance issued and given by the Minsa based on the notification of the World Health Organization of the affectation that is being caused by the monkeypox virus,” Gill specified. .

Gill mentioned that the Panamanian health system is prepared for the possible arrival of smallpox in the country and in this sense it seeks to adapt other isolation rooms in hospitals located in health regions nationwide.

“The entire system must be articulated in addressing the containment of the virus if it reaches Panama and we call on the population to continue complying with the biosecurity measures to mitigate the viruses that may arise,” he said.

He recommended the use of the mask, hand hygiene and surface cleaning.

Recently, the Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, issued a declaration of health alert throughout the country due to the possible appearance of monkeypox.

He explained that the health alert establishes the obligation of health personnel in public hospitals of the Minsa and the Social Security Fund, as well as private ones to report anyone with suspicious symptoms of the disease.

Some authorities from the Social Security Fund also participated in this meeting.

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