The reactivation of childcare centers in opposition mayors advances

The reactivation of childcare centers in opposition mayors advances

The educator learned after accidents suffered by children and difficulties faced mainly by mothers to find someone who would accept to take care of their children; In one of the most serious cases, one of the girls she cared for was at risk of being sexually assaulted at a relative’s home.

“We had the case of a girl whose mother told us that when she was at home an uncle tried to abuse her. So, she asked for help to have her here and yes we did, then we would see how we were solving it but for her the important thing was knowing that she was going to work with the confidence that she was leaving her girl in a safe place, “he says.

The Álvaro Obregón mayor’s office has so far provided support for 13 children’s stays out of a total of 40, which consist of up to 75,000 pesos per stay to prepare the spaces and 1,200 pesos per month per boy or girl under his care, 1,800 pesos in the case of minors with a disability. The stay of María del Socorro is one of them.

“It was like falling from heaven, I felt again that we can move on,” he says a week after the reopening of his stay.

Lía Limón, mayor of Álvaro Obregón, affirms that with the program to reactivate children’s day care centers – to which 25 million pesos are expected to be allocated this year – there is capacity for 674 children, of whom 337 are already registered, and of them four are minors with some disability. She emphasizes that the goal is to make it possible to care for the 2,000 children who were in daycare centers before the cancellation of federal aid.

In addition, each stay must pass reviews on Civil Protection, while the staff must complete training in first aid and civil protection.

“There is a very big difference in productivity that a woman can have knowing that her children are safe, compared to a mother who has to take them to their work sites, to her fruit stand, to the market or others, because they don’t is in a position to leave it anywhere else.

“The first years of a person are vital because the neural connections of a child are generated between 0 and 7 years of age, that is why it is said that ‘childhood is destiny’: what you impact on a child at that stage is decisive for the rest of his life”, affirms the mayor to Political Expansion.

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