Minor who attacked Norma Lizbeth and her mother are detained at the US border

Minor who attacked Norma Lizbeth and her mother are detained at the US border

The Secretary of Public Education (SEP) today deeply regretted the sensitive death of the student of the 518 Annex to the Normal secondary school of Teotihuacán, State of Mexico.

“We express our solidarity with parents, relatives, friends and colleagues,” he said in a brief statement.

“This agency reiterates that the school cannot be indifferent or tolerant in the face of harassment or bullying: it rejects violence and underlines the importance of strengthening the values ​​and integration of families,” he added.

In an interview with Viento Informativo, Alma, Norma’s sister, pointed out that the minor “went to the place (of the fight) because she no longer wanted to be mocked anymore, that is why she agreed to go to the place where the events occurred.”

“They always put my sister aside, in fact the other classmates bullied her, the men too, it was a very ugly bullying that they did to her,” said the woman.

“I always supported her, I went where she had to go, I am going to do justice for her. May she be happy because no one else is going to hurt her anymore, ”she added.

The director is dismissed

The director where the adolescent Norma Lizbeth studied was dismissed this week, according to what the educational authorities informed the young woman’s relatives.

The measure was also made known to the student community of the Official High School 0518 Annex to the Normal, located in the Mexican municipality, where several cases of bullying have been reported.

The educational authorities informed that security cameras will be installed inside the classrooms and there will be psychological help for the students.

After the death of Norma Lizbeth was announced on March 13 due to a head injury, after receiving blows during a fight with her schoolmate, the victim’s parents, students and neighbors demonstrated outside the campus to demand justice for the student.

The teenagers fought on February 21. That same day, after the fight, the two students were brought before the school principal.

Norma was hospitalized after suffering various effects on her health. She finally died on March 13.

According to Lizbeth’s relatives, the 14-year-old girl suffered physical and verbal attacks from other classmates, a situation that had already alerted them and some teachers.

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