Ministry of the Interior described as "positive" the operation by the classic

Ministry of the Interior described as “positive” the operation by the classic

The head of the operation, Assael Arcos, said this Sunday at a press conference that a total of six people were arrested. Four for insult to authority, and a partial Peñarol, which was required for domestic violence. A civilian was also arrested who attacked a part of the coal team. This happened within the limits of the former Mercado Modelo, specifically at a service station.

“The operation has been positive,” said Arcos to the media, who stated that hours after the game, some areas of the city continued to be patrolled until it was terminated, already at night. Regarding what happened in the stands, Arcos acknowledged that the game was interrupted for a few minutes due to some situations that occurred in the stands, including stones and the lighting of flares that were thrown onto the playing field.

“It was necessary to enter the place with a force unit there, but luckily the game could be resumed,” said the head of the operation. He also added that Violence in Sports began an investigation to determine how the flares that were lit were entered into the Centennial Stadium, as well as the giant inflatable chicken that Peñarol had partial. “We made a strict search, both in the area of ​​the old Mercado Modelo and in the Centenario Stadium. In addition, several breakages were found in the bathrooms of the visiting stand.

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