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Ministry of Justice launches action to protect indigenous land in PA

The Ministry of Justice and Public Security (MJSP) reported that this Friday (15) an operation was launched to protect the Xipaia Indigenous Territory, in the municipality of Altarmia (PA), which was invaded by criminals who would be committing environmental crimes in that region. Ministry of Justice launches action to protect indigenous land in PA

“We received the complaint last night. [14] and we immediately started preparations at dawn to send the teams that will protect this area where the Karimãa village, of the Xipaia ethnic group is located”, informed the head of the Service for Repression of Crimes Against Indigenous Communities, Paulo Teixeira, who is a police chief. Federal (PF). The operation has the involvement of PF agents and the National Security Force.

In a video posted on social media, chief Juma Xipaia reported that an illegal mining raft had descended the Rio Iriri towards the reserve. “Warriors from the other villages are coming down with the aim of trying to have a dialogue, so that they [os invasores] leave the territory, but we are afraid”, said the leader.

The PF delegate informed that, at least so far, there are no reports of serious conflicts between Indians and outsiders.

The press office of the National Indian Foundation (Funai) informed that its unit in the region is monitoring the situation and that it is in permanent contact with the security forces.

The Xipaia territory covers an area of ​​approximately 179,000 hectares and is located 400 km from the seat of the municipality of Altamira, in southwest Pará. The villages located in its coverage area are home to around 200 people.

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