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Ministry of Health calls for the fourth dose against Covid-19

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The Ministry of Health (MINSA) reiterated on the afternoon of this Monday, May 16, the importance of applying the fourth dose against Covid-19. This second booster dose (fourth dose) against Covid-19 will be supplied to those who voluntarily want to apply it, especially to patients with chronic diseases.

The National Head of Nursing, Eusebia Calderón de Copete, warned that the dose against Covid-19 will be applied from the age of 12 to all immunosuppressed patients and stressed that it will be voluntary for people over 50 years of age, who are patients. Mainly chronic.

“We are making a lot of effort to increase the coverage of the first reinforcement and the second reinforcement in those people who suffer from a problem that affects their immune system, chronic diseases or who use a treatment that lowers their defense,” said Copete, who added that the MINSA administers the vaccines within a period of 4 months between the first and second booster doses.

On the other hand, he said, that all the health facilities of both the MINSA and the Social Security Fund (CSS) are placing the dose of Covid-19 from the age of 5. He reminded the population that during the weekends, shopping malls are also getting vaccinated.

In areas of difficult access, nursing teams continue with vaccination, not only against Covid-19 but also immunizing the population with vaccines against other diseases, such as influenza and pneumococcus.

He stressed the importance of continuing with biosecurity measures: constant hand washing, the use of alcohol or alcohol gel, and the proper use of the mask.

Writing by Nancy Pretto.

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