A commitment of all

A commitment of all

One of the important issues in Paraguay, after having observed all this time, is the idea of ​​the recovery of the homeland.

Paraguay must return to being a commitment of all and a collective reason that leads us fellow citizens to seek new horizons.

We have several challenges in this regard, from the daily ones that go through the question of what to do with public transport, which must be a commitment of the Central Government and the municipalities, to the urban development of our cities, which have suffered in recent years. a massive presence of migrants from the interior who have not been able to be properly welcomed by our cities.

Today, Paraguay has the worst index in terms of urbanization, and that is simply a conclusion of something that had not been analyzed even in the statistical data, which was the 8% rural/urban migration.

It would be good if we start making a country, recognizing our reality and looking for the best people who can transform it into a positive one.

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