Ministry of Agriculture reaches an agreement with rice growers

Ministry of Agriculture reaches an agreement with rice growers

The government, through Department of agriculturewill contribute 475 million pesos to the rice sector to keep grain prices unchanged.

The entity’s minister, limber crossreached an agreement today with the National Rice Plenum, millers and producers of the sector, in order to promote the genetic improvement and productivity of the ricefor which 25 million pesos will be allocated for certified and high-quality seeds.

Likewise, as part of the agreement, the authorities of the agricultural sector, millers, associations and federations unanimously set the price band for the first harvest, which will fluctuate between 2,395 and 2,480 pesos per bushel of 100 and 120 kilograms.

Agriculture will subsidize the producer for the production of the first harvest at 100 pesos for a bushel of 120 kilograms and 83 pesos for a bushel of 100 kilograms.

“Today, we are complying with the desire of producers and factories by achieving a price of 2,975 pesos for the grain,” said the minister.

Other points of the agreement establish the extension of the validity of the Pledge Certificates of the 2021 program until December 2022, with a floor price of the band of 2,875 pesos for the current year.

In addition, Agriculture undertakes to pay the remainder of the pledge debt to millers pending from 2011 to 2013, equivalent to the sum of 120.6 million pesos.

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