Minister Vela says they will support police Santiago Olmedo

Minister Vela says they will support police Santiago Olmedo

The policeman received a sentence of three years and four months in prison, after shooting down two criminals and saving a minor in June 2021.

After learning that the Police Santiago Olmedo He received a judgment from three years and four months jail for the crime of ‘overreach’, after kill two criminals who intimidated, beat and tried to rob a minor, in June 2021, the Government ruled.

«It is unusual that a server of the National Police, who uses his weapon to save the life of a citizen, be convicted. Santiago Olmedo he did his duty. We will support Corporal Santiago until he regains his freedom“, wrote on her Twitter account (@AlexandraVelaP), the Minister of Government, Alexandra Vela, this January 19, 2022.

reduced sentence

In principle, due to the type of crime for which Olmedo was accused, a sentence of 10 to 13 years in prison was expected.

His defense said that it was shown that the uniformed officer acted in favor of the life of the minor and in compliance with his work of defending citizenship and that the court took into account mitigating factors; for example, that after the attack, the police called an ambulance.

Jorge Arias, defense attorney, explained that the motivations of the judgment and that they will wait about a month to have the document in writing so that they can appeal. (AVV)


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