Minister Pino says that they carry out self-purification within the Minseg to avoid acts of corruption

After the United States State Department issued a report indicating a lack of transparency in the security establishments, Minister Juan Manuel Pino assured that in his management they are managed with transparency and are doing a self-purification of the institutions of this ministry. .

The report assures that the impunity between the security forces is due to weak and decentralized internal control mechanisms for behavior and application; and that during the pandemic there were numerous complaints of abuse of authority by police officers when detaining people during quarantine and curfew.

When questioned, Pino said that, although he respects the results of the report, he cannot be held responsible for past actions and stated that to guarantee transparency within the Ministry of Security (Minseg) they are doing a self-purification that includes the use of the polygraph and reliability tests.

“We are responsible for the present and the future. In my administrative and operational management of the Ministry of Security, we are doing everything possible to self-purify the public security institutions, because it is not only transparency from the outside, but transparency from the inside,” he said, stating that during his administration, whoever falls they will be brought to justice to be held accountable for their actions.

“Whoever crosses the line has no return. Corruption has an impact and is linked to organized crime, organized crime has that financial muscle whose purpose is to corrupt whatever it has to corrupt”, he stated, recalling that initiatives such as the Domain Extinction Law are being carried out to put a stop to organized crime, in addition to the fact that they have signed agreements against corruption with the National Transparency Authority (ANTAI) because it is a job of do not stop.

“I know that there is a lot to do, it is not easy… We are responsible for the present, we are not responsible for what happened, but if what happened comes to light and goes to court, they will have to account for how we are doing it,” pointed out.

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