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Cristian Riveros’ cue goal that “surprised everyone”

“We were all surprised, not just the rival” Riveros’ goal, expressed today the president of Libertad Rubén Di Tore in communication with Versus Radio on Universo 970 AM, while highlighting the quality of “the way he defined”.

It is that in the 57th minute of the match, the experienced midfielder resolved spectacularly with a heel to defeat the opposition of the Brazilian goalkeeper Bento and thus give Daniel Garnero’s team a valuable victory.

– Martín Silva, “a guarantee” –

Di Tore also alluded to the performance of Martín Silva, who stood out last night by covering a penalty that allowed Libertad to keep the lead against Paranaense.

“Martin always has one or two spectacular saves that give us a guarantee on goal,” he said.

Likewise, the Gumarelo owner criticized the arbitration performance since “there is always a little surprise when we play against Brazilian or Argentine teams.”

The penalty for Paranaense, as well as a clear unsanctioned foul against Antonio Bareiro in the Brazilian area, were the most pointed out situations regarding the performance of Uruguayan Gustavo Tejera, referee in Tuesday’s game in Saxony.

The entrance Cristian Riveros’ cue goal that “surprised everyone” was first published in diary TODAY.

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