Minister Pino highlights the importance of the domain extinction law, after the seizure of a beach house in Río Hato

The Minister of Public Security, Juan Manuel Pino, referred this Saturday afternoon to the importance of approving the law of extinction of domain, after the location of a luxurious beach house in Río Hato, belonging to criminal leaders linked to the Clan from the Gulf.

Pino stressed that this law is the only way to dismantle these criminal organizations. “It is useless to put these people under the orders of the competent authorities if the financial muscle is not touched because they will continue to commit crimes within prisons,” he remarked.

He mentioned that this has already been verified in other countries and it is necessary to legislate on this matter in Panama, adding that they would be willing to bring the right people to discuss the issue as quickly as possible.

“What we ask is that it be accepted in the Legislative Assembly, at a work table and we take this to discussion,” said the minister.

According to the head of the Security portfolio, the beach mansion, valued at a million dollars, was a place frequented by criminal organizations, and a judicial process is already underway.

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