Minister of Health confirms four cases of the omicron variant in Peru

Minister of Health confirms four cases of the omicron variant in Peru

The , has confirmed this Sunday that four cases of the omicron variant of the . The official explained that one of them is a traveler who arrived from South Africa to Peru, while the other three were in national territory.

“All the respective follow-up measures have been taken, to search for contacts, if new infections have been established. At this time, both the National Institute of Health and all Minsa dependencies are moving to locate these people, to see what itinerary they have followed in recent weeks, if they have attended parties, meetings, follow people with which can see related status to establish an epidemiological fence “, detailed the head of Health.

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At another time, he added that there are two people who have been in contact with the omicron cases and have tested PCR positive for COVID-19. “Sequencing is beginning to see if this positivity corresponds to Delta, which is by far the most frequent in the country, or it also corresponds to this omicron variant. This is in full study, but what is already corroborated in Peru is that we have four cases of omicron variant “, he asserted.

Along these lines, he urged citizens to complete their immunization against the coronavirus. He also recalled that it is mandatory to present the vaccination card that certifies the two doses for entering closed spaces.

On the other hand, he reported that this afternoon There will be a meeting of Minsa experts to evaluate the measures that the Government is taking in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the impact of the omicron in our country. “The rules until now are maintained”, he claimed.


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