Minister of Finance was caught sleeping in the middle of Gustavo Petro’s speech

Last Friday, a meeting was held between Asobancaria and President Gustavo Petro, a conversation that had high expectations since this was one of the guilds that had quite a few differences during their campaign.

Already in his speech, Gustavo Petro said that the financing of production is not in his plans, but will seek to try to win in feesthus ensuring high dividends for the benefit of entities and Colombians.

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However, while the president was giving his speech, it went viral on social media a photograph in which the finance minister is seen with his head up, his mouth open and completely asleep.

It was the representative to the Chamber for the department of Antioquia and belonging to the Democratic Center, Juan Espinal, who captured the image in which, apparently, José Antonio Ocampo would be sleeping while Petro made his government ideas known.

Immediately afterwards, Espinal shared it on his official accounts, leaving the following message: “He was caught by sleep in the middle of his boss’s speech”something that immediately raised a controversy on Twitter.

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It should be remembered that José Antonio Ocampo is one of the officials that is on the lips of all Colombians since he has been one of those in charge of promoting the Tax Reform.

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