Minister of Energy and Mines said he did not know about income from Salaverry to Perupetro

Minister of Energy and Mines said he did not know about income from Salaverry to Perupetro

The Minister of Energy and Mines, Eduardo González Toro, denied having knowledge that entered the headquarters and had made arrangements as president of the Perupetro board, and justified himself by pointing out that he cannot know in detail what happens in this company, despite being attached to his sector.

“Perupetro is not in my store, what happens in Perupetro is independent. They will have to report (on Daniel Salaverry’s actions) but I am not inspecting Perupetro every day. We do not know what happens in another institution, even if it is attached to us. I don’t know what is happening in Perupetro right now, I have no obligation to be connected”he asserted this Thursday at a press conference.

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As reported in a Panorama report, Daniel Salaverry entered the Perupetro headquarters and dispatched as if he had already assumed the position of chairman of the board.

Minister González on Daniel Salaverry

The General Management of this company informed Congressman Jorge Morante that Salaverry had entered their offices on January 10, 13, 14 and 17 to have meetings with officials and to receive a laptop, a cell phone and have a vehicle with a driver.

In this regard, Eduardo González Toro assured that before the Energy and Mines Commission of the Congress he indicated the opposite (that Daniel Salaverry had not entered Perupetro and could not exercise functions) because he was only informed about the steps he took after his presentation before the legislators. .

“Mr. Salaverry with the resolution in hand went (to Perupetro) and that is what I was informed after my meeting in Congress because we did not know anything about those things that had happened. He surprised the manager in charge and he didn’t report it. It is not their obligation to report because, suddenly, due to ignorance, they gave these things (to Daniel Salaverry)”commented.

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The minister continued to deny that he wanted to lie before Parliament. “I don’t think he lied or that Congress feels cheated. I do not lie and I will never lie and less if it is about a person that the town was rejecting”, he asserted.

It should be remembered that Daniel Salaverry irrevocably resigned from the position of president of Perupetro’s board of directors after the Comptroller’s Office issued a report indicating that they did not have the requirement of having experience in the sector.


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