Minister of Education will meet with teachers from areas of difficult access on May 3

Faced with the protests carried out by the Association of Chirican Educators (Aechi), due to concern about problems in schools in areas of difficult access, the Minister of Education, Maruja Gorday de Villalobos, assured that they have already communicated with Professor Juan de Dios Camaño the general secretary of this group to agree on a meeting.

Gorday de Villalobos explained that previously the teachers had approached to request an appointment, but it could not be scheduled; however, he recalled that through the Ministry of Education, the deputy minister and the entire office, together with the regional directors, they are assisting the largest number of unions, groups of organized and unorganized parents, knowing that the process of reinsertion into the schools has not been easy.

“We have a situation with the schools in the regions that is the Aechi protest and we have to improve communication through some focal points in the region; we communicated with them the Saturday before the protest and we agreed that we were going to meet on Tuesday, May 3 and we are already preparing the agenda”, he said.

He said that all this is part of that process of returning to class and that this year through the Conescuelas program they managed to start the school year on March 7 with more than 80% of the operational educational centers, he said that to date they have 98.3% of educational centers in face-to-face mode and with the basic conditions.

“Yesterday we were informed that there is a school where serious security measures must be taken due to the rain. And we continue with that, because it is part of the process of returning to school, ”he specified.

Ferdinand de Lesseps

On the other hand, the minister referred to the situation faced by the educational community of the Fernando de Lesseps Professional and Technical Institute, where students, parents and teachers have held protests to demand the reactivation of the campus expansion and rehabilitation project.

Gorday said that on Friday they met with area supervisors and agreed to set up 10 temporary classrooms for students to receive classes.

“It is important to know that (the IPT Fernando de Lesseps) is a project that was abandoned and that we have had to recover. We would like it to be in the blink of an eye but we are in that process; also that the school has an important fece assignment, ”he said.

Regarding the payment owed to teachers, he explained that a fortnight ago, in the budget commission, a transfer of funds was approved to guarantee the monthly payment of 4,224 teaching positions and this has already been approved by the Comptroller.

“A significant group is going to be charging the first fortnight of May and the few that remain in the second, but we have already given the information so we have made progress on that,” he pointed out.

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