Minister of Culture: "You cannot say that we have a president who does not listen"

Minister of Culture: “You cannot say that we have a president who does not listen”

Alexander Salas, asserted that the president He is a person who has democratic openness and who “listens to the population.” Along these lines, he asserted that the Cabinet chaired by Aníbal Torres has “broad criteria.”

“The president convenes a Cabinet to Govern, without ideology, without context that diverts us from work. There is an opposition that is going to speak, what cannot be said is that there is a president who does not listen, every time public opinion has brought up a situation, the president has taken corrective measures. He is obviously looking at this situation, we are in an absolutely democratic government”, He said.

When asked about the questions that exist about the Minister of Health, Hernán Condori, Salas said that it is up to the head of that portfolio to respond to the criticism, but pointed out that the Government is “tolerant” of the questions.

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“The first message is to be a Cabinet of democratic engineering, to build bridges of consensus and governability. All the governments have opposition that is going to point the finger at us and we have to have tolerance. Some criticisms will be linked to the truth, others will lack objectivity and others will be lies. The defenses correspond to each minister, they are the ones who have to exercise their right to defend themselves”he referred.

On whether he considers that this ministerial team is “broad based”, Salas considered that there is “broad criteria” to make decisions.

“This Cabinet has a wide range of criteria, the ideas and contributions help the president and the premier to make decisions, we are allowed to present measures and criteria on that basis we make decisions”, he added.


The National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration (Sunat) reported that this year around 500,000 workers on the payroll will be able to receive a refund of a balance of Income Tax 2021.

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