Ministro de Agricultura: “RD tiene abasto para garantizar la seguridad alimentaria”

Minister of Agriculture: “RD has enough to guarantee food security”

limber crossMinister of Agriculture, assured that the country has “enough supply” to guarantee the food safety At present, despite recognizing that the forecasts offered by international organizations such as the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) expect it to happen a famine.

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So by phone in the program The Direction of the Morning of the station Rumba 98.5 FMCruz attributed the creation of the plan Sowing RD as preventive measures which were announced last Monday together with the president Louis Abinader. “We cannot wait for that to happen, we have to act ahead because agricultural products are not automatic”said the attorney.

Likewise, Limber Cruz added that work is being done to avoid the shortage of basic products and highlighted that the country is “self sufficient for the first time” in rice. “In this government we had 1,400 million quintals left over last year. No government had reached the consumption of 13 million. They always stayed at 12, 12.3 and 12.4 and we reached 14.4 million quintals”, he said.

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In addition, the official mentioned the production increase of bananas, vegetables, potato, cassava, sweet potato, among others. He also highlighted that “agricultural exports have increased to USAEurope and other continents.

“We are taking the correct measures so that agriculture and internal supply are guaranteed. Precisely to avoid shortages we take the measures in time. Because it is not to put out the fire but to prevent it”commented the also economist.

High prices

In another sense, the Minister of Agriculture He pointed out that the increases in final consumer prices are due to the increase that products have suffered worldwide. “Economies in the world are intertwined, that is, you are not an island apart from everything that happens in the world. Everything has a chainhe expressed.

Here the interview with Limber Cruz

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