Conflict of Public Health officials claiming salary recovery and better working conditions

Conflict of Public Health officials claiming salary recovery and better working conditions

The Federation of Public Health Officials (FFSP), after meeting in plenary session to analyze the situation of all the country’s hospitals and polyclinics, decided to declare themselves in conflict in the face of Accountability. Among the claims is the salary loss of 6% and they will seek in this accountability, among other things, to reverse this situation, achieve a salary increase and at the same time, achieve more human resources to be able to provide the user with “care of quality”.

Faced with the claims they will make a “great mobilization on June 16”

The Federation demands “decree health workers unhealthy, increase the line of presenteeism, that a special pension be established for the relatives of workers deceased by COVID 19, that a vacation salary be provided and that it not be deducted in cases of medical certifications”, among other aspects.

The objective of the FFSP is to meet with the Labor Ministers, Pablo Mieres, and the Health Minister, Daniel Salinas, as well as with representatives of all the political parties and with the ASSE Board of Directors to present their concerns.

In the case of ASSE, they will seek to ensure that the special contracts due to COVID, which are scheduled to end on May 31, are not terminated, since, as they explain, “all these officials are necessary to serve the public.”

Regarding salary, they expressed that health workers were recognized and applauded by the population and by the Executive Branch, but they claim that their income “continues to plummet.” “We bet on this rendering of accounts to have salary increases,” they affirmed.

And they announced that at this time, they will be carrying out activities in the FFSP to which they will invite members of all political parties “to talk about what the post-pandemic budget should be.” Meanwhile, they will carry out a network of assemblies throughout the country informing the workers and users of each hospital, what aspects of health they want to improve, for which, they clarified, a budget is required.

“We come from zero-expenditure accountability and the budget was also zero, and we understand that a budget for the salary of health workers and for better working conditions must be on the table, which have a direct impact on quality care. of assistance that we want for our users”, they affirmed from the FFSP.

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