Minister and First Lady present government actions aimed at mothers

Minister and First Lady present government actions aimed at mothers

On Mother’s Day, First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro and the Minister of Women, Family and Human Rights, Cristiane Rodrigues Brito, made an official radio and TV address congratulating the mothers, talking about motherhood and highlighting the actions of the federal government. that benefit mothers.Minister and First Lady present government actions aimed at mothers

Michelle said that the federal government has implemented several actions that benefit mothers. “Today, they are a priority in Auxílio Brasil, in housing programs and in all land regularization processes,” she said.

During the speech, the actions for the productive inclusion of women were also highlighted, which have credit made available through the program Brazil for them.

The first lady also highlighted the Income and Opportunity Program (PRO), which allows the reimbursement of expenses with day care or the release of the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS) for the payment of expenses with early childhood education.

The Minister for Women added that the Pro also encourages the promotion of women’s employability with qualification in strategic areas, so that women can grow in the profession, and support for mothers in returning from maternity leave.

During the speech, the launch of the Cuida Mais Brasil program, which focuses on women’s health and maternal and child health, was also mentioned. More than R$170 million will be invested in this program to provide care to women before, during and after pregnancy.

“In the same vein, one of the new strategies we created to reach this audience is the Mães do Brasil program, which promotes public policies aimed at the integral protection of women’s dignity, in order to support them in the exercise of motherhood, from conception to taking care of the children”, said the Minister of Women. According to her, this action is carried out in partnership with city halls, which can join the program.

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