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Mining strike: there are still no agreements with the Government

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Mining strike: there are still no agreements with the Government

The mining strike in the Lower Cauca and northeast antioquia It’s already completed 20 days. The miners in this area have carried out a series of demonstrations to protest against the affirmation of the Defense Minister Iván Velásquezabout finishing the yellow machinery for gold extraction in the region.

The promoters of the strike sent a series of petitions to the Governmentas a traditional mining is recognized, “removing the rating of illegal miners”. Likewise, a presumption of legality was requested and not the other way around.

(‘Freedom and Order’, the request of governors to Petro for violence).

In fact, the representatives of the strike committee met with members of the government in Bogotá. However, Saúl Bedoya, spokesperson for the committeeexplained that although they have had spaces for dialogue, the truth is that it has not led to agreements regarding the requests they have made.

(Some 12 miners are affected by the strike).

The fact that dialogue scenarios are offered does not mean that a response is being given; there has been a dilation of solutions”, he pointed out.

He assured that the miners are willing to improve aspects such as environmental criteria and the delimitation of their activity, iHe even pointed out that they have proposed the creation of a mining district.We arrived with a purposeful spirit, we have ambitious plans”, he explained.

(The side effects of the blockades due to the mining strike).

However, they ask for an express characterization of the miners, to “prevent the proliferation of mining and avoid a greater environmental impact”.

He said that the Government proposed a subsidy for the miners while the characterization and legalization is given, which they opposed. Bedoya explained that it is not subsistence mining, but business, on which a significant number of families in the region depend.

Regarding the alleged participation of groups outside the law, such as the Clan del Golfo, Bedoya asserted that it is not the fault or responsibility of the miners if this is the case. “You cannot be specifically stigmatizing an activity just because you want to end it“, said.

(Vice Ministers, stop mining strike).

Both Bedoya and the promoters of the strike hope that the meetings with the National Government will continue to reach solutions to the miners’ requests.


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