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A Crime in Havana: Body of German Tourist Found in a Building in El Vedado

MIAMI, United States. – The body of a German tourist was found last week in an apartment at the building whose address is 201 “O” Street, corner of Humboldt Street, in Havana.

Sources confirmed to CubaNet That upon finding the body, authorities launched an operative and the front of the building was surrounded by policemen and agents from the Ministry of the Interior.

On March 7th, following two days of a terrible stench, they discovered a body in one of the apartments in the building located at 201 “O” Street, corner of Humboldt Street. That apartment was rented by a German tourist,” stated one of the sources to CubaNet.

According to information given by neighbors, the body had been dead inside one of the fourth-floor apartments in the rear of the building for at least four days.

Building where the body of the German tourist appeared (Photo: CubaNet)

“The Crimes Bureau showed up at the building and police dogs that tracked a sense to the Las Vegas Nightclub,” a block away from the building.

CubaNet was able to corroborate that to date, authorities have not found the culprit.

One of our sources indicated that around the location of the building where the victim was found there are at least four security cameras, but no information has been given about the crime.

CubaNet also confirmed that at Ministry of Justice headquarters, located in the vicinity of the building where the body was found, a permanent command post had been set up.

A Crime in Havana: Body of German Tourist Found in a Building in El Vedado
Police patrol in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Justice (Photo: CubaNet)

Other sources questioned by CubaNet agree with the neighbours’ story about the tourist having been assassinated.

“Allegedly, the man was murdered. The place was filled with policemen, the individual had been dead in the apartment for days. They haven’t found the murderer yet, and allegedly a permanent command post has been placed at the Ministry of Justice, a few feet away from the building.”

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