Minimum wage: products and services that would rise in price

Minimum wage: products and services that would rise in price

The increase of yesalario minimum by 2023 it will be from 16%, that is, the minimum wage will be 1,160,000 pesos. To this must be added 140,606 transportation assistance weights, so the final figure will be 1,300,606 pesos.

(See: How much will a day of work be worth in 2023, after the rise in the minimum).

According to the Minister of Labor, Gloria Inés Ramírez, this is a historic decision because, for the first time, the inflation figure for families with less income was taken into account: “We have taken inflation of the poor as a basic figure, that is, we have started from 14.4. For what reason? Because it is there where there has been the most impact in the basic basket”.

Ramírez also assured that there will be other measures that seek to protect purchasing power, such as the deindexing of some goods, services and activities that are generally affected by the increase in the minimum wage.

We are going to have a direct impact on the products that make up the basic basket“, said.

(See: With 50 items, the government’s deindexation plan will begin).

And while the elements whose price will be decoupled from the minimum are known, we will tell you what those are products and services that are generally impacted by the salary increase:

The moderating fee of the EPS.

Medical insurance.

The pension contributions.

ICA Services.

The Soat.

(See: Real increase in the minimum wage for 2023 would not exceed 4%).

Intermunicipal bus fares.

Some traffic fines.

Benefits and rules of housing subsidies.

Notary fees and property registration.

Public services.

Veterinary services.

(See: Actual rise from 2023 low is second highest since 1985).


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